An incredible and engrossing 3D virtual experience for all the senses. During the meal, you will be taken on a delicious journey of exploration into history and to different corners and the different seasons of the European Region of Gastronomy. The dinner will allow you to enjoy genuine natural tastes of our region. In the expanded dinner, local nature and ingredients are combined using virtual reality technology. Food and nature are experienced in a special way, mixing all the senses! The dinner is something completely new – the future here and now. The expanded dinner is perfect for all pleasure-lovers seeking exciting experiences involving nature and good food.

The expanded dinner is an all-embracing restaurant experience where the customer is taken to another time and place to experience a restaurant dinner in another reality by means of a virtual reality headset, sounds, smells and tastes. As is familiar from the gaming world, the dinner is an immersive experience. The VR headset enables customers to experience nature at the chosen time of year, irrespective of time and place. According to the season, ingredients found in the local surroundings are enjoyed as part of the meal. The dinner is very much a visual experience, but a fundamental part is played by stories about food and nature as written by the author Antti Heikkinen.

The Kuopio Club is an excellent place to hold parties, meetings, seminars and training events. The high-ceilinged rooms are equipped with modern meeting facilities to satisfy the most exacting requirements. The Club's convertible rooms make it possible to hold as many as six separate events at the same time. If you book our whole restaurant, there is room for up to 150 people.

  • Duration: 2½ hours
  • Location: Kuopio Club, Kuninkaankatu 10
  • Group size: 10–30 people
  • Availability: Group bookings (must be booked a month in advance)
  • Guide languages: Finnish, English
  • Price: €89/person (incl. VAT)
  • Included in the price: a 3D experience accompanied by a great story, a four-course menu, a first and main course drink and coffee.
  • For an extra charge: Music for private functions booked and paid for in advance, additional drinks.
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