North Savo Traditions

The best-known foods from North Savo are cheeses, berry juices and fish, meat and vegetable products. Organic and local food production in the region has increased greatly.

Milk, meat and berries are still North Savo's strengths. The region is a traditional cattle farming area. The emphasis has long been on dairy and beef production. In past decades, meat processing was an important industry in North Savo. Strawberry production is centred in the Suonenjoki area, where strawberries have been grown for more than 70 years.


Many of the region's food companies are specialised suppliers of ingredients for restaurants. Foodstuffs are produced mainly by small businesses that are able to make high-quality and distinctive food products. Around half of small businesses are local bakeries whose main product is rye bread. (

The region is also known for its milk – the region produces over 300 million litres of milk every year! More milk is produced in Kuopio and Kiuruvesi than anywhere else in Finland!

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