Experience the tastiest years of Europe 2020-21, pure nature and local food on a plate. Welcome to the province of North Savo and Kuopio region! 

The European Region of Gastronomy Kuopio 2020-21 programme is centred on gastronomy and food and it comprises events and activities that will tickle the taste buds of tourists. The European Region of Gastronomy programme is based on existing events and festivals, complemented by activities suitable for both individual travellers and groups.

Learn about the culinary tourism products developed for groups here

The overriding theme of the  programme is foraging: picking berries and mushrooms, hunting and fishing. The programme's themed weeks include tastings, cooking courses, workshops, culinary tour packages, heritage, art and culture and food festivals.

Suitable products and services for groups are being developed throughout the the years 2020 and 2021 with the aim of keeping services available afterwards as well.

Here you'll live according to nature's rhythm,

pure nature and pure ingredients on a plate 


Most updated information on the programme you'll get on Taste Savo website, Kuopio-Tahko website and following us on social media #tastesavo.


Please note that we follow carefully Covid 19 situation, authorities' instructions and restrictions and because of it, some events may need to be cancelled.