FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: The Strawberry Carnival has been held in Suonenjoki since 1970 and is one of Finland's longest-running summer events | 16.-18.7.2021

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: The Sturgeon & Champagne festival is held annually on the second weekend of August on the shore of the River Pirtinvirta in Varkaus | 6.-7.8.2021

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: The Kuopio Fish Market invites the whole family to a fish event in Kuopio's Harbour Square | 10.-12.9.2021

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: Traditional Midsummer festival at Lohimaa. Midsummer Eve is crowned by an impressive bonfire and a party at the restaurant with live music | 25.-26.06.2021

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: The Autumn Market at Rautalampi has been held since 1821. It takes place on the second weekend of September | 11.-12.09.2021

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: Lapinlahti Cheese & Wine Festival is a unique, lively event encompassing old friends, appetising cheeses and good music. | 7.8.2021

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: The August SATOA is a festival of local tastes, where you can buy and sample small portions of food  |  27.-28.8.2021

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: The Louhenkatu Street Carnival brings together the best shops in Iisalmi and the whole of Upper Savo on the streets of Iisalmi | 7.8.2021

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: Experiences and entertainment for the whole family in a celebration of cultural heritage. You can see old tools with demonstrations and old vehicles | 2022

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: A memorable Midsummer festival on 23 June in the heritage milieu of Muuruvesi with festive food and drink, sauna and bonfire | 23.6.2021 

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS: One and only Muuruvesi artist’s dinner with some highlights of the summer 1891 accombined by traditional dishes at the Muuruvesi farm house | 6.8.2021